About Me

My journey with nutrition began around 12 years ago when I turned to food as medicine concepts, under the guidance of qualified practitioners, to assist me in turning around my diet and poor gastrointestinal health and found that it was also beneficial in other areas such as mental wellbeing.

Inspired by the changes I was experiencing as both my physical and mental health settled into a more balanced place, and excited by the inspiring information I was being exposed to, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). Initially, I was keen to focus on gut health and food and mood concepts but also came to love the many other ways that holistic nutrition can support and nourish us throughout our lives.

With 17 years’ ongoing experience in the Payroll industry, the latter half being in various specialist and leadership roles, I also understand the importance of workplace wellness and love the ways that nutrition can support us during busy days and weeks.

We welcomed our first 18 months ago and I have enjoyed focusing on pregnancy and postnatal nutrition followed by baby and toddler nutrition during this time.

I am now passionate about sharing my knowledge and varied experience via one on one consultations, workplace talks & local community workshops and look forward to being part of your journey  x

My Approach

>I place an emphasis on whole foods along with lifestyle recommendations whilst utilising nutritional supplementation where required.

>I believe that we are all capable of making positive steps forward and I understand the importance of going at your own pace – we are all different!

>I understand that goals and circumstances change, and that sustainable health and wellness requires a flexible, holistic approach.

>I don’t believe in one size fits all diets, fads or quick fixes.

>I do believe that balance is important, and in utilising holistic and evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle concepts to help you meet your goals.

>I am a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and enjoy allocating regular time to continuing professional education.

My commitment to you

I will support you in your nutritional wellness journey and provide you with the tools and guidance you need to carry yourself forward.

I will work with you to create treatment goals and habits that are sustainable and meaningful for you as an individual.