Friday Five’s

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Friday Five’s

Hello and welcome to my Friday Five posts! These are shared weekly via social media and their links uploaded here for easy access as time passes…click through the pictures on each post using the arrows to view all content or just click anywhere in the post to view it via Instagram.

The purpose of these posts is to share five easy-to-digest points/tips about things related to holistic nutrition & wellness each week such as;
~ specific nutrients
~ foods helpful for certain areas of health
~ roles & mechanisms of different parts & pathways in the body
~ some common nutrition Q’s I often get asked
~ short interviews with fabulous people &/or businesses
~ & more…
➡️if there is a topic that you’d like me to focus on one week let me know!
➡️If you’d like to know more about a topic or would like to work together on an individually tailored diet & lifestyle plan, or just have a general chat, get in touch!🙂
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Happy Friday!🙌🏻 Today we are looking at 5 important nutrients for pregnancy and next week we will look at sleep😴 :: 🔸Today’s post became a blog post so you’ll need to head there ( to read more about 5 nutrients that are important during this time + a bit about energy intake, water, protein & fiber🤰🏻💫 . . . I’ve chatted about Folate, Iron, Iodine, Calcium & Omega 3’s today, but there are obviously other key nutrients to be considered during this time too👉🏻as always, check in with qualified practitioners to assist you in finding the most appropriate info for you ~ I’d love to support you during this time & the all important post partum time also ~ get in touch if you’d like to know more x . . . A bit from the blog… Pregnancy is such a special time, what an amazing journey it is for both mother and child – the beginnings of a whole new life for them both in many ways – a time to nourish, pause, tune in, and connect… 15 months on and some-days I can hardly believe that was us in the picture above, that my body stretched and nurtured and changed so wonderfully, and that time has passed in what often seems like a blink of an eye!💫 … X #fridayfive #pregnancynutrition #pregnancy #happyfriday #nutrition #nutritionist #holistichealth #holisticnutritionist #blogpost #brisbanenutritionist #nourish #nuture #be

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It’s #Fridayfive time folks🙂 :: I’ve missed a few weeks (life hey?!) so am brimming with topics to share with you over the next few weeks👉🏻do get in touch if there’s something specific you’d like covered! . . . Today we’re looking at 5 nutrients that are important for maintaining skin health from the inside-out & next time we’ll look at the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA)-axis✨ . . . 🔸Our skin is our largest organ and is a natural barrier between our internal & external environments, protecting us from things like UV damage, chemical & mechanical stressors & bacterial infection.
It also plays roles in maintaining temperature & immunity. It is comprised of 2 layers; the outer, epidermal layer provides barrier function & is mostly made up of cells called keratinocytes, whilst the dermal inner layer provides strength and elasticity, and includes the vascular (circulatory), lymphatic and neuronal systems. 🔸Keep in mind that everything we put on our skin is absorbed👉🏻think about beauty products you use and what you are exposing yourself to ie; certain chemicals and preservatives such as parabens in some kinds of make-up, shampoos, body lotions, sunscreen and deodorants can have an effect on the endocrine system. 🔸Swipe👉🏻for a look at some important skin nutrients & their food sources💫 X #fridayfive #skinhealth #skinfoods #simplegoodness #backtobasics #holistichealth #nutritionist #wholefoods #everydaynutrition #nourish #nurture #be.

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