Quick Recipe: Chicken drumstick soup

It feels a little strange to be sharing a recipe for soup on a 31 degree (Celsius) day here in Brisbane, however I have been slowed down for most of this week with a cold and along with focusing on other nourishing foods and drinks, upping some supplements + soaking up as much rest as possible with a 20 month old toddler dashing about, have been enjoying a lot of this tummy loving, immune supporting, 'hug in a bowl' goodness and thought I'd share this week's version of a basic recipe...


Stress and nutrition part 1: the HPA axis, chronic stress & some important nutrients

Stress, in the short term, is not a bad thing – it is our bodies way of protecting us, of helping us to stay alert and focused. It is when it becomes ongoing and chronic that it ceases to be beneficial and starts affecting a whole range of areas from our physical and mental health to our day to day quality of life ie; relationships or productivity...