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Back to basics…smoothies

Smoothies are a lovely way to help you reach your daily nutrient requirements and can also be quick, versatile and easy to 'grab and go' if pre-made the night before - getting back to basics with food, for me, is all about this - quick, easy and yummy meals/snacks that enhance our days, not add to the busyness of them...


Back to basics…wrap ideas

Wraps are versatile, quick and portable, making them great for those busy days! They are also easily made into a balanced meal or substantial snack with so many options to include protein, carbohydrates and beneficial fats. Below are some simple, whole-food-based ideas to give you some inspiration when assembling your wrap...


Back to basics…snack ideas

Snacks are a great way to fuel our bodies and minds throughout the day by helping to keep our energy, blood sugar and moods from fluctuating too much & providing nourishment and satiety. Below are some of the wholefood options I tend to go for & also recommend to clients...