Quick recipe: Roast pumpkin & butter bean dip

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Quick recipe: Roast pumpkin & butter bean dip

This little dip was a happy result of batch roasting some veggies to get us through the start of the week whilst having a craving for a nourishing & filling dip that we could all enjoy…a bonus is that it’s simple & quick to make too!

Combining roasted pumpkin, olive oil & butter beans, it has a nice amount of fiber, some protein + some good fats, all things that help with texture, taste & satiety, among other things.

I love to include beans & legumes often to give us a good boost of fiber & plant based protein, which is easy as they are so versitile…lentils in spag bol, black or kidney beans in tacos, chickpeas in curries & salads…endless possibilities!

To make;
~ roast approx. 1/4 of a Kent pumpkin with olive oil + salt, pepper & cumin to taste until soft & slightly caramelised & pop into a food processor once slightly cooled
~ drain & rinse a can of butter beans & add them to the food processor
~ whizz till smooth, adding more olive oil, cumin, salt &/or pepper to taste
~ store in an airtight container for a few days in the fridge & use as a dip, a toast/sandwich/wrap/cracker topping or use a dollop as a little side extra with salad or eggs on toast

*I also added a few chunks of roasted sweet potato as it was handy…yummmmmm

*Isabelle often enjoys combos like this as a dip & as pasta ‘sauce’ too…just adjust or remove salt content if sharing with littles depending on their age.



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